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2014 Indian Market
Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Master Jewelry artist, storyteller, and poet, Larry Vasquez stands upon the bedrock of a tool and die making background. He takes the precise clearance of a thousandth of an inch, and then leaps into the expansive countenance of the “Stone Talkers.”

Vasquez’s passion for his art is immeasurable. His recognition that Stones have a spiritual energy awaiting release are inherent in his approach to stone cutting. His creativity draws upon an intense respect for a diverse ancestral heritage. Vasquez has Aztec, Mayan, and Mescalero Apache blood in his veins.

Vasquez’s world is a world of color, story, music, and awareness of a participation in a beautiful and extraordinary universe. He is an alchemist in a realm where the sensitivity of the artist evokes the spirit of the stone to the surface, and lures the romance from the metal’s inner glory.

Vivid coral, expressive turquoise, nuanced gold and opals dancing together in multi-strand rows of compelling elegance are an unmistakable indications of Vasquez’s master hand. Each works is indeed one of a kind. After all, aren't we all one of a kind.

In Vasquez’s 40 years of experience, the individual note is an expression of the outcome.